Saturday, March 24, 2018

From painting to pillow. LOL

Up and Running and fun fine Art America site is up and running.  You can find me several ways, by going to Fine Art  and searching Sue Nosler Gray, or just click on the link above. 

I am actually going to purchase some of my own items for Christmas presents.  If you like any special painting, you can get it on a mug, pillow (my favorite) and a million other things including prints.  It is a great service and a good way to share some of my fun designs.

Fine Art America works great

Working on some New Floral Abstracts

30x24 and haven't quite got the name down yet.  This painting took a long time with many layers and when I finally realized I was thinking floral, I was able to finish it.   It is Spring, my favorite time of year. 

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Changes...........Fine Art America

Currently working on a FineArtAmeria setup.  Probably another week or two and I will finally have it finished.  It includes a basic website that will have my current name to make it easier.   I have had requests over the years for prints, etc of my work and have now decided to make most of my art that I have created over the years available to everyone.  You can even buy tee shirts and cell phone covers with my art.   My kids have already wanted to purchase some of the crazy stuff and they have my original art all over their homes,   LOL    It is all coming soon.  Digital images....the way of the future.   I am amazed that I was able to upload pictures from my IPHONE with high enough res. for quality printing.   I remember spending hours taking pictures with my Nikon, editing, uploading etc.  Times have changed.    Stay tuned.  I will have all the links up soon. 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

More fun and games with ink

Acrylic Ink formed the basic composition of this piece.  The rest was painted with acrylics.  Ink-ing is totally fun! 

This one always makes me chuckle.  People either love it or hate it which is why I have not changed it.   It is quite unique and wacky, even for me.   It was created with several ink drippings going in different directions and then glazed with about three difference thin layers of acrylic.  Finally, the small colors here and there and then,  "Whamo"  the yellow "awakening"  

Working with some ink......

Having such an interesting time using acrylic inks as a base for paintings.   I drip them first...using the cool little eye dropper they come with.   This painting has several layer of ink drippings, followed by glazes and then acrylic paints here and there.   This painting is on a 40 by 30 gallery wrap canvas and my son named it.  "Untuned Laser"  He has a sense of humor.  Perfect....