Thursday, April 21, 2016

Quick Break from Waterfalls. Back to Abstracts

This time of year my yard is crazy blooming so picked a few bouquets.   I had so much fun with the colors and using oils again so left them unfinished and abstracted.    Go Spring!!!!    20x16 Oil on wood panel.  "Once a Rose"      and yes, it did start out as a rose....

I just couldn't resist all these crazy shapes an colors.  "Crazy White Poppies"  24x18 oil 
on gallery wrap canvas

What started to be a large bouquet of yellow daisies ended this way with shapes and colors from my mind.  Such fun!    20x16 oil on canvas

"Somewhere" 40x30 Oil

Painted from my memories of the headwaters of the McKenzie River in Oregon
I am really enjoying working oils again altho this large canvas took quite a while to complete.   I can almost feel the energy from this moment.