Sunday, March 29, 2015

March Madness, Daliesque and Sun and Energy

Titles are never written in stone.    I am constantly changing my mind about such things.  But, these three paintings come from the thoughts in my head built from my most recent experiences.

I came home to my favorite time of year, Spring.  Bright sun and colors beginning to appear everywhere.  This is March..... 36x36 acrylic on canvas.

I know, it very Daliesque..thus the name.
This is a gouache on 30x22 hot press paper.

All of a sudden, the sun is bright outside and the energy in the Spring air charges everything.   You can almost cut it with a knife it is so powerful.   I am still debating with myself for the title of this 30x22 gouache/watercolor on hot press paper.

6 Day Cruise ART News

I came home from a great adventure and was motivated to return to my water mediums, namely gouache, watercolor and acrylic.  I must have been motivated by  Level 5 next to the Atlantic on The Explorer of the Seas.   What fun on this 6 day cruise with my Sister and her two daughters.   This 6 day trip to Nassau and Mexico changed my mind about the sport of crusing.   Lots of exercise walking around the giant ocean going horizontal 50 story hotel.  That was an overuse of adjectives but I could think of many more.     Such fun.  I had millions of images in my mind;  interesting people and a million other things but it was the energy and vastness of the oceans that made me want to paint again.    I have finished to works on paper and one large acrylic so far.   Here we go..............