Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Cold Wax Pieces

I was thinking about a windy rainy day when I created this interesting piece.   It also has a "Looking at Car Wash Soapy Window"  appearance...but I was thinking about rain.   36x36  Cold Wax/Oil Title "Rain and Car Wash".

This 20x16 Cold Wax painting was great fun to build.  I started by painting a red base coat with oil paint applied thinly.   After that I applied several layers of white and light neutral colors of heavy cold wax/oil paints.  Then with a bit of blue added and some scratching and scraping through the many layers it arrived in its present form.  Right now it is titled just "Orange and blue with neutrals" 

25x25 Cold Wax/Oil on canvas.  Makes me think of fall and pumpkins....but I was actually thinking about a view I once saw from an airplane.   Title,  "Pumpkins Below"

So many designers and home owners paint their walls with the darker colors.  This 36x36 Cold Wax Oil painting was created to hang on a darker tan, brown, or darker value wall.  It is very bright has bits of gold showing here and there.   I love the texture!    Actually all of these four paintings are heavy with texture.   Title,   "For Your Dark Wall"