Thursday, November 13, 2014

One Final Tweeeeeking for "As It Is, Cold"

Took this over to show to friends this morning and realized that I still did not have the color right.  Now it is "COOL"  

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"As it Is" Cold Wax Painting 40x30

Just finished this fun piece.   I will be adding pictures of the process shortly.   Cold Wax with Oils.   Many people have asked me about  the "mix" I use:    These are approximate.   1/3 oil pigment, 1/3 Borland's Wax Medium and 1/3 oil painting medium.   I have used even odorless turpentine for the oil painting medium as well as some of the thicker types.    It depends on the application process.   When I am finished mixing, the texture is like cake frosting.  Many folks paint with Cold Wax on a smooth flat service.   I have been working on an upright easel and on canvas.   It works for me!    I usually work on 4 or 5 layers, letting each dry at least overnight before applying the next layer.   Tools? are putty knives, palate knives, pencils, oil crayons, sticks and occasionally, but not often, a paint brush.   Sometime I finish with a tea-like oil glaze to adjust color.