Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"Catch All" and "Bending" 2 new Gouache on paper

I finally finished "Catch All" a composition in gold that I found very difficult to work with but love the results. This piece is done on 22x30 hot press w/c paper.   I was thinking about closets and purses etc. as my intention.     The second painting "Bending" was a challenge.   I wanted to use arcs and what they are and what they do and after I came up with this title it enjoyed putting this one together.   I am continually trying to simplify. "Bending" is gouache on cold press w/c paper.  22x30  Thank heavens I am using a medium that I can work with over and over until I get it right.   Gouache is my favorite water medium.   Love it.

Catch All

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Three New Gouache on Paper Imaginations

22x30 or 30x22 gouache on paper.   1.  Closet Cleanout   2.  Fractured   3.  Yard Slave.
All of these have been done in the past week while I have been a slave to closets and spring outside work.   Such fun.