Saturday, August 30, 2014

Stop and Smell The Roses + 2 more

Three ColdWax/Oil paintings.    All 12x12 on canvas

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Four New Coldwax/Oil Canvases

I continue the experiments in this great new medium.  I have been branching out a bit from the earlier pieces.  These four pieces when started reminded me of some of my favorite spots in the Andes.   I have chosen titles from the Ancient Inca civilizations.  

 The first painting reminded me so much of the terraces around Cuzco and one particular location Moray.  the second and third paintings,  Son of Inti, the great Inca sun god.   Fourth painting represents a close up of some of the early rock paintings in South America

Monday, August 4, 2014

Wanting to Talk about rain on a Hot Day

Been working on another coldwax/oil 25x25 today.   My intention was to create a red background, (that's how if feels when it's 100 degrees outside), cooled off with an abstraction of rain.

I started by painting over an old acrylic that had a very smooth surface,   I then applied a couple of days ago, the mixture of cold wax and 2 reds along with a cad. yellow.   Today I started by adding the dark green to begin to kill the red but wanted some of it to show through.   While the oil and wax was still wet, I applied the blue/white/other colors on palette mix, and did some scraping with a knife and then a credit card.   I think it is finished.    I want the title to say  Hot Day, Cool Rain.   Maybe that is what I will call it!

A NEW medium.

My good friend and abstract artist Wanda Mawhinney who lives and paints in Port Townsend, WA,  has just recently introduced me to the world of ColdWax/Oils.     This is a new and very exciting medium for me.  I have just started painting portraits in oils again but wanted a medium for abstracts that was new.   This painting titled Genesis2, was painted on a 25x25 canvas.   Many artists use panels, but I found the canvas worked for me.   The painting has about 10 layers on it and was almost finished, (first picture) when I decided I wanted a more obvious direction for it.    It reminded me of a worm's view of being beneath the earth.   The second picture is the finished work.   I have two more started and thought I would show a more detailed progression of the that is coming shortly.