Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Paintings Above

ITunesMaze, For Sis, Reflected and Char's Deck 2. Some artists poo-poo pouring. It is one of the most interesting techniques for applying paint. If you want to paint abstracts or water, this technique is very usefull. I'm uploading 4 new pieces today and two of them were almost exclusively poured. The medium made for this technique is acrylics. I dilute the paint to syrup consistancy, pour it on the canvas or paper, then move the piece around in whichever direction I want the paint to flow. I also spray it with water and for some really interesting effects, use a hair dryer to move the pigment around. Most of these pieces are multi-layered. Usually at least 10 layers and sometimes more. The paint has to dry before the next layer is applied. It is really interesting to watch a design come forward. When the piece is nearly completed, I do some work with a paint brush to add value and sometimes color.

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