Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I will be doing this week-end.....

Instead of painting this weekend,  I will enjoying the Mizuno Lone Star Classic at the  Dallas Convention Center.   This is a good wide -angle shot but still doesn't show it all.   This tournament is a national qualifier for Junior Olympics and there are 96 courts that are used from morning till evening.  Each court has about 6 matches...that's appx 12 games a day  unless there is a tie...then a few more games.   Three days of play.   Imagine 96 courts, each with  about 10 girls all yelling and screaming at the same time.  Then add, 96 or more if the teams are warming up, volleyballs flying around.   It is loud, competitive, energetic and so much fun.  This is Lauren's last big tourney playing for Austin Juniors Mizuno teams and then she is off to college.   I'm going to take tons of pictures of all my friends and many of these cute girls I've admired and befriended over the years.   Go 18 Mizuno     I might take a sketch pad....but every time I start sketching I get hit with a I might do the sketching at the hotel.   

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