Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Series "A Good Day "

I've just started a new series and I have a million ideas.    1.  Watercolor on 22x30 paper titled,  Wake Up, it's a Good Day.    2.  This is a finished demo that I started in class on the Element of Art,   LINE that is also part of my new series "A Good Day"   title is undecided at this point.  .    It's a 24x30 acrylic on canvas painted with many layers and glazes.   Both paintings are very different because of the mediums used.  Most of my watercolors are created using American Journey watercolors painted on a colored ground.  This one was first painted with a peach colored ground of gesso, then I used the opaque watercolors and watercolor crayons to finish it.    The  large acrylic is hard-edged with bright colors both elements that work well with the properties of acrylics.

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